A celebration of life, love, memories, and eternal bonds.


January 18 – compliments

Ava has a love of language and a gift for speaking.  She articulates her words well, forms complete sentences, and is able to relay her thoughts or feelings to others clearly.  The fact that strangers compliment me on this only brings more joy.  And I am grateful that they want to share their observance with me.

If we could all take a little extra time to simply listen, we might find a bit more beauty to be had each day.

January 17 – words

There is one point in any given day that we will have a small conflict inside the house.  At times, voices get excited and angry words are said.  It’s in the heat of the moment.  When those angry words come from our daughter, I don’t take them to heart, though I do need to address them.  Some days I’m fairly good at this.  Some days I’m overly tired and irritated and I handle the entire argument badly.

Today was a good day.  In the end that adorable little girl said she was sorry and added “can’t you please forgive me?”  A good follow up to a question as important as that deserves only one answer.  “Of course I forgive you.”  A warm embrace, a kiss, and two big smiles.

Don’t you wish all arguments ended this way?

January 16 – wonderment

I took Ava to her first theatre class.  As we got out of the car, she stood there and looked up at the big theatre building.  The look on her face was priceless and beautiful.  Her big brown eyes with a look of wonderment.  Her face full of excitement and eagerness to get to class.  The big hope of one day being in a play.

Children are so much fun to watch.  If we can open ourselves up to all the possibilities that they see in the world, I think it would serve us well.

January 13 – time

It’s always a treat to find time to sit and talk about important matters without being interrupted.  We had that time last night and my outlook on the future is so much brighter.  What a mood lifter!

While going through some major changes, Joe thought it would be a good idea to write down the top 10 things we would like to see happen in 2012.  Stream of consciousness.  These excercises are difficult for me in the first few minutes because I’m a person who wants to answer *right*.  Once I see Joe begin to write, I leave the room for just a minute, grab a red pen, and then go full out.  I think we both ended up having more than 10 things.

The beautiful thing about it?  We still have similar goals in life.  We still desire to simplify, enjoy life more, strengthen our spiritual connection, and our family bond.  In our 5th year of marriage, I’d say that’s a very good thing to have, and to hold onto.

January 12 – creativity

Once again, Ava continues to brings laughter and joy to my life with her fresh new ideas.  She took toilet paper and arranged them into a square on the floor.  She had her sewing basket out.  She asked me to thread her needle.  When I asked what she was making she told me a blanket.  “It’s going to be the softest blanket ever!”

Children come up with the most creative ideas.  Sometimes they work.  Sometimes not.  It’s the excitement on their face that comes with the idea that makes me very happy.