February 22 – listening

We have our nighttime habits.  At times, things go very smoothly and we are in bed without any fussing, crying or complaints.  Such was the case tonight.

As we lay in bed, post story reading, our daughter began to talk about school and her friends:  the work she is not interested in doing, the things she loves to do, and the things that she wants a lesson on so that she can do them.  I listened to her every word, mind not straying.

I now know that taking care of plants and being able to water a garden, plant seeds, and use garden tools are important to her.  I know who she is in love with, at the age of 5.  I know she plays “space ship” outside with her best friend.  She expresses her love freely.  Within 10 minutes the sound of rhythmic breathing take over.

I take this as a lesson for the future.  Be willing to lay quietly.  Listen.  I will know her better this way.  I might also better understand her needs and desires.


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